Liz Niemeyer
Painting is an intuitive process where I allow the colors to talk to me. They tell me where to go with them and nature is the end result. This way of painting is one way that I meditate and connect with the source of it all. I hope that my work speaks to you and uplifts your spirit in the way that nature can.

I moved to North Carolina, first Raleigh, then the Appalachian mountains after being born and raised in central Illinois. The change of landscape had a significant impact on me. These mountains have an energy to them that I've not found anywhere else. I have been drawn towards trees for a long time. Their individual beauty and the symbolism they represent have always fascinated and grounded me; that of life itself, ancestry, and the connection between the earth and the sky.

The move to North Carolina awakened a dormant part of my soul that has always been tapped in to the more mystical parts of this human existence. Some aspects of this spiritual/magical/energetic part of myself are reflected in my work.

Prints of most of my work are available and I am open for commission work as well.

Based in Asheville, NC