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I am inspired by the beauty of the Blue Ridge mountains. My landscapes reflect my own feelings of awe and wonder when I look upon this place. I work from my intuition and memories when I paint these scenes.

My intention is to inspire you to remember your own connection to the flow of life and the natural world every time you look at my art.

Intuitive Painting Class

This class is an experience for people who struggle with perfectionist tendencies, who feel blocked in their creativity, and who feel called to create but don’t see themselves as artists or creative types.

This class can help you:

~Let go of doubt and the need for perfection, so you can finally start that project and even finish it

~Feel confident in yourself as a creative person

~Get back into your creative mind and start creating again after a dry spell

~Tap into your intuition and start to trust yourself more

~Learn the skills to confidently mix colors and paint with acrylics

I will guide you to:

~Experience a safe, judgment-free space so you can show up as you are. You can move past your doubts about whether you’re doing it right, and calm your inner critic.

~Go on a meditative journey to relax, meet a creative guide, and connect with your inner garden of creativity.

~Use breath work to calm your nervous system

~Allow colors to guide you using your felt senses, rather than your logical mind, so you can overcome perfectionist tendencies. 

~Complete and take home an 8×8″ painting on canvas, and leave with the skills to keep painting on your own. 

Cost: $50

Next class is Sunday, June 11 at Mountain Magic Studio 


Class is limited to 10 people. All materials are provided. 

Color Readings

I offer a portrait of your color energies, channeling your specific energy and vibration at the time of our meeting. 

How does it work? You schedule a time on my calendar to have a 15-20 minute zoom call with me. I guide you through an energy grounding/connecting exercise and take some time to see what messages want to come through. 

After we disconnect from our call, I complete your painting using the colors that wish to come through for you. The painting is shipped to you, ready to hang or display as you wish, as a reminder of this specific time. 

My clients have experienced feelings ranging from pure joy to profound clarity from the images that are channeled and the guided meditation. 

This sounds unusual! Yes, it is! This is for people who are open to the infinite possibilities of the realm outside our five senses. It is a channel of connection between you, me, and color energies. 

The cost of this unique service is $100.

About Liz

I fell in love with painting during my time at Eastern Illinois University where I studied with talented and inspiring professors. At that time I was also on a personal healing journey and used art as a meditation to serve me on this path.

After moving to Raleigh, North Carolina, I met some incredible teachers. Through the study and practice of yoga, I finally felt connected to myself and the world around me. I also became a student of reiki, a form of energy healing.

I made the move to Asheville in 2012, birthed two amazing daughters, and kept pursuing my art through many life shifts and transitions. 

Come see me and my work in person: Studio 293 at Riverview Station, 191 Lyman Street, Asheville NC. I’m there Thursdays-Sundays and I look forward to meeting you.